Graphics Designing

We want to make you look good! Whether you need a professionally designed custom logo, branding solution, brochures, business cards, flyers, banners or anything else – we have you covered. Like everything else we do – our main focus is to listen to your vision and bring it to life. Doesn’t matter how small or big the project – we’re never satisfied until you are! We custom design all artwork and design pieces specifically for you. With personal service, professional design and fast turnaround times we can get your project done right, and fast. From start to finish, our experienced staff will work hard to create the design you want. We don’t stop till you love it. We produce everything in house and are ready to start your project today!

Logo Design

Get professionally designed logo, brochures, business cards, flyers, banners or all branding solutions at one place. Just provide your idea and we bring it to life. Every work of our client is valuable for us. Unique design & artwork is our USP. Give your brand a new life and start your project today with NexorSoft!

Website Mockup Design

When we begin the process of designing (or re-designing) your website, the first step is to create a set of website mockups to lay out the look and feel of your site. These mockups are simply images we create that show what the website will look like without needing to dive straight into coding. These mockups are just flat images that cannot be interacted with, but look like a screenshot of a website page. We use these mockups as a way to communicate design ideas back and forth with our clients and also as a “blueprint” to develop the website once design is complete.

Business Card Design

Nexorsoft offers professional Design Services that will bring your business card design to the next level. Our talented team of designers is on hand to create designs for you based on your initial concept (Simple Design Service), or they can provide you with 3 original concepts (Custom Design Service). Customers wanting to include their business logo on their business card are required to provide Rock Design with a logo file in original editable vector format (ai, eps). If your logo is not in the proper format, our designers can provide you with logo tracing services for an additional fee (depending on complexity). Before discussing your business card design with our Designers, we highly recommend that you take a look at our various print products and familiarize yourself with the cardstocks and print features that you would like to incorporate into your design.

Customer file
You will need to provide us your information, files such as logo, photo etc. (we only accept vector format for logo)

Idea + Brainstorm
We understand your target market, industry, and style you are looking for

Our professional designer will start designing based on the customer’s information

We will modify the designs according to customer’s request

Turnaround Time
1-3 business days


Inspiring designs that catch your audience’s attention instantly!
We design with the philosophy of leaving an everlasting impression on your customers. Catchy and appealing designs on your business stationary, marketing collateral and business apparel is something that triggers desired responses from your audience through brand recall and recognition. Enjoy:

What Makes Us the Best Design Service
   • Competitive Pricing
   • Money back Guarantee
   • Unlimited Design Concepts

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