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Do you want Spam free email marketing? And sent your promotional email directly to your target audience? So, here we are. Nexor Soft is specialized in fully managed email marketing campaigns. From conception to execution a complete service that cover every aspect of your email campaigns.

For small business this is the cost effective way to boost your leads and ultimate sales. Even an agency who would like to offer email marketing as an additional service to their clients, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our flexible approach fits on every business. We work according to your needs because we understand every business has different objectives. We work multinational & multilingual to create brand digitally and make a connection between your business and customer.

Regardless of size of your business, our motive is to provide you maximum return from minimum amount of investment and hassle.

Terms and Condition

   » Nexor Soft has privilege to discontinue any campaign due to non-payment of any associates.
   » All packages are valid for 30 days.
   » Nexor Soft reserve the privilege to amend or change any package without any prior notice.
   » All package price are subjected to change without any prior notice.
   » Nexor Soft has privilege to cancel your all campaigns at any time if we suspect you are sending pornographic or other offensive of inappropriate content to the business market through our marketing system.


A note will be mentioned on every email that "Nexor Soft is only responsible for email activity only. Nexor Soft is not responsible for any content in the email".

Email Addresses Available for following categories

   » General Business
   » Business Emails
   » Business Yellowpages
   » Executives & Companies
   » Karachi Visiting Directory
   » Automobiles
   » Banks in Pakistan
   » Computers
   » Hotels
   » IT Companies
   » Dealers
   » Online Companies
   » Shipping Agents in Pakistan
   » Petroleum & Oil Companies
   » Travels Agents in Pakistan
   » Yellow Pages
   » Medical & Health
   » Doctors in Pakistan
   » Medical Schools in Pakistan
   » Apparal & Fashion
   » Exhibition Textile
   » Yahoo Pakistani Groups
   » Hotmail Pakistani Email Addresses
   » ISPs
   » Web Developers
   » NGO’s in Pakistan
   » Pakistani Engineers
   » Textile & Commerce
   » Chambers of Commerce
   » Exporters
   » Importers
   » Manufacturers
   » Trade Directory of Pakistan
   » Financial Institutions & Banks
   » Stock Exchange
   » Sports Goods
   » Vendor Directory
   » and many more…
        » Weekly update Data My Team
        » World Wide Email Directory (UK, USA, U.A.E, and many more)
        » Yellow Pages
        » Corporate Email Data Pakistan
        » Business Man Email Pakistan
        » MNA MPA Politician Emails
        » General Public Email Pakistan
        » Category example catering, furnishers, painters, computers, etc.
        » Multinational Companies
        » Facebook Email user emails
        » Pakistan offices email data
        » Karachi Offices
        » Real Estate and Brokers

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  • 01 Email Shot
  • 2,00,000


Rs 7,000

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  • 10 Email Shot
  • 5,50,000


Rs 12,000

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  • 25 Email Shot
  • 5,50,000